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The home inspector provides a detailed HOME CONDITION REPORT for anybody considering the sale or purchase of a property.

The home inspector utilises over thirty years of hands on building and renovation experience to make the HOME CONDITION REPORT an essential component of the property buying or selling process. It allows the vendor or purchaser the chance to evaluate the property’s condition before committing to a sale or purchase.

The HOME CONDITION REPORT details exactly what state of repair the property is in, putting a cost and a priority to any work that may be required. It is easy to follow, concise and offers practical, experienced and independent advice on every aspect of the property’s condition.

Essentially, the HOME CONDITION REPORT will give you all the information required to assess the market value of the property against any potential work needed, enabling you to get the best return for your money when either buying or selling a property.

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What better way is there to have a property evaluated than from an experienced renovation expert, detailing costs and priorities that allow you the opportunity to assess condition and pricing before a sale or purchase.

Know What You're Selling

You and your agent can manage the buyers inspection process. The home condition report gives you precise details regarding work and cost, that will best impact and aid the sale of your property for its maximum market value.

Know What You're Buying

Use the home condition report to support reasonable negotiations with the vendor. Have confidence in your purchase knowing the extent of work, priority of work and a budget for work ensuring peace of mind and maximum value for your money.

Estimating & Prioritising

Accurate estimating alongside scheduled, prioritised work give you all the essentials required to budget and plan projects that will maintain the property’s operational and aesthetic condition throughout, maximising durability and securing future resale value.

  • Alan Marriott Director, The Property Press
    Here is a way to give both buyer and seller peace of mind. Brilliant.
    Alan Marriott Director, The Property Press
  • Simon A Martin Accountants - Honiton.
    I would absolutely recommend this service. The home condition report was detailed, informative and most importantly it gave a budget for the work required. I went on to buy the property safe in the knowledge that it had been professionally inspected. It was a five star service and I give a big thank you to the Home Inspector
    Simon A Martin Accountants - Honiton.
  • I would definitely recommend this service to anyone wanting to buy a property or just to get an assessment of their own property before selling. The home condition report was extremely informative and detailed. The estimated costs and grading regarding time frames for work to be done were especially useful. Great service with a speedy response. 
    David Westlake Heavitree Chiropractic centre Exeter.

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